Who We Are

TEX | HUB was founded with the purpose of responding to the innovations of the product within the textile area.

We are a company dedicated to the creation of knitted, woven and bargain garments for men, women and children, following all customers specifications. We present sample and price and then we produce according to the quality standards required by customers.

We are responsible for the entire international context (export and import), from the commercial part to the finished product.

Before this, TEX | HUB was born with the intention of:

  • Sourcing of the best raw materials;
  • Design and proposal solutions at the level of development, adaptation of models, use of new raw materials and finishes;
  • Disclosure of product innovations within the textile area (currently we are the european partner of "moovexx" technology);
  • Commercialization of all raw materials and clothing in an international market context;
  • We have production capacity from 100 to 100 000 pieces of clothing per month (t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, pants, coats, tops, singlets, skirts, vests, polo shirts, etc.).