About Us

TEX|HUB was born with the intention of:

  • Sourcing of the best raw materials;
  • Design and proposal of solutions at the level of development, adaptation of models, use of new raw materials and finishes;
  • Disclosure of product innovations within the textile area (we are currently the european partner of "moovexx" technology );
  • Commercialization of all raw materials and clothing in an international market context;
  • We have production capacity from 100 to 100 000 pieces of clothing per month (t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, pants, coats, tops, singlets, skirts, vests, polo shirts, etc.).

Our Process

Early Stage:

  • Commercial Department;
  • Purchasing Department;
  • Department of Product Innovation.

Productive Phase:

  • Production Department (modeling, cutting, confection, packaging).

Final Phase:

  • Transport;
  • Accounting Department.

Products and Services

Clothing Production

We dedicate ourselves to the production using the most advanced technology for the sector, standing out for the high quality of the products.


We are also an ally of customers, offering a design service.

Promotion and Technological Innovation

We are attentive to the market and to all technologies that can offer to the consumer a greater comfort and style.

Production Phases


In order to respond quickly and effectively, the factories have technology that allows us to optimize raw material consumption, achieve the best product quality in cutting, accuracy and measurements of each piece.


Confection based on current equipment technology, professionalism and deep knowledge of employees, reaching, this way, the highest level of product quality.

Packaging and Finishing

The finishing is crucial in the finalization of the product, where the various components are analyzed in detail: control of measurements, quality of confection, control of accessories and applications, etc..


Together with the partner companies, we have clients that are holders of brands and distribution chains of worldwide reference.

The combination of quality, with an adequate price, a quick response and the integration of the latest innovations in the textile sector are factors that attract new customers continuously.